“Nude” Lips

05 Oct

I thing we can all agree that foundation-lips are not an attractive look. for anyone. period.

Ples no.

However, someone decided to take the foundation lips a step further and paint over the whole of the lips. Actually, the cosmetics industry decided they needed to jump on this opportunity and release tubes upon tubes of flesh colored castor oil and wax. I’m not talking about the pinky-nudes that are my-lipcolor-but-better colored. I’m talking about the skintone ones. Nude lipsticks exist in a ridiculously expansive range of shades. So expansive in fact, that it is easier for me to find a tube of lipstick that matches my skin color & tone, than it is for me to find a good foundation that does. I thought the point of lipcolor was to  add color, not subtract it. Most people use it to impart a “just bitten/snogged/iamaroused” look to appear more attractive. I never got the memo saying, “hey, its beautiful to be bloodless and sickly now.”

My opinions from left to right: Someone has been blood-letting. So ashen. She probably donated two pints of blood. No… just… no.

Someone needs to explain to me why people would want to look like all the blood was sucked out of them by the sparkling, vampire  of teenage-girls’ dreams. To those wearing nude lips: you look like a walking corpse.  Hell, bodies prepared for funeral viewings have more color. In addition to the embalming liquid that causes tissues to take on a rosy tint, the corpses are also artfully painted makeup (foundation, blusher, lipstick, and the works) to give them a lifelike appearance.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but skintone-nude lips are something you will never catch me wearing.

Thoughts? Comments? Critiques? Let me hear them.


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