Injustice is Synonymous with Madness – a Little Rant Relating to the Ferguson Fallout

27 Nov

In case you are one of those despicable people who don’t read the title, this is about the fallout, not the decision itself. It’s a social commentary, not a justice one. That being said let me repeat, THIS IS ABOUT THE FALLOUT (aka the in excusable bullshit that happened afterward)

The world – bring reported by the media – has gone mad. Property has been looted, stolen and trashed in every way thinkable except flooding. Jobs have been lost. People may have died. Man-hours have wasted away.

Let me amend that first statement: a small fraction of a fraction of the population overall has gone mad but their  hormone fueled idiocy is impacting innocents as well as the people unfortunate enough to be related to them.

Not every single black person is out looting in the streets. Even knowing that, the actions of those rioters give the black community a bad image… which could you know.. brew more hate and unrest. It also generates negativity that spills over into things not justice related.

Like wise, not every UCSD/college student is an idiot. Don”t lump the rest of us in with THEM.

Long story short:
This morning, a bunch of students were protesting the Ferguson Decision by ……. blocking the  Interstate-5., a MAJOR HIGHWAY that runs through several essential districts in San Diego.

Here’s the news article. Watch the video. There’s little wonder why teens and liberal college students have a bad rep.

Can someone tell me please, how that makes a point besides the point that people are moss-brained illogical creatures that have as much brain power as a blown-out candle. Look at that kid being dragged over to the divide. He’s about as bright as a sack of potatoes, getting dragged the way he is.

Don’t even get me stated on the law students at Columbia University who got their finals delayed because they were “too traumatized” to study. Bullshit. On a savage of one to ten, this Ivy League Bullshit would ring up at 50.

Oh! And I can’t forget those students at Berkeley who tried to get their finals delayed too because they were too busy protesting to study. Rumor has it that some Harvard kids got away with it.

One of my friends who is a military contractor is incensed about the Ferguson Decision for several reasons that are not mine to detail. But he went on a mini rant that encompasses how most military families probably feel.

Warning. He’s mad. And he has the right to be.

“I’m sick of these entitled little fucktards who do nothing but lament about the “tragedy” in Ferguson that involved one death. 106 of my brothers in blue died in the line of duty this year alone and no one gives a flying fuck about that. That number isn’t even including the number of marines, rangers, and united state DOD contractors that I have bled with. It is nice to see all our sacrifices being appreciated. Thank you. HASHTAGFUCKYOUTOO”


Contractors are notoriously hard to incite true anger in. Sure they get pissed and swear all the time, but they rarely rarely get TRULY MAD. MAD as in livid, rabid, senseless anger. They reserve their spite and anger for a limited number of issues. This is one of them.

A lot of my military/defense friends were circulating this photo. Not rage inducing, but it is thought provoking.
Why is the general public stuck in this kind of mindset?

Where was i going with this? Oh, yeah. People are idiots and the media is selectively blind and frustratingly confusing with the conflicting facts it presents. I support neither not-guilty nor guilty because I do not have ALL the empirical facts. Without true facts I cannot and will not make a decision.

If my criticism of the UCSD students sounds too hash, you need to stop being a lazy bastard and watch that video the link leads to. You also need to hear some of the juicy swears the drivers stranded in traffic were using.

I am ashamed to call these college students my peers. I am ashamed to call the people that went crazy looting my fellow humans. Sure, these “radicals” only represent a very small sample of the human population, but the human population as a whole is only as strong as its weakest, craziest link.

and I debated on including this part of the quote but it conveys a sliver of my friend’s rage:

“… HASHTAGFUCKYOUTOO Don’t call us when you need us. Fuck you I’m out.”

People say and do things out of rage that have consequences. He’s probably going to get a lot of flack for that. And it is his fault because he didn’t think it through before posting that last bit. He probably doesn’t care either though. Sure, you’re “not supposed to say things like this out loud because it makes you look really bad,” but wait…. I thought this was America, home of free speech/press and all (unless it endangers lives). I have zero interest in becoming a politician so no fear of career suicide here

Edit 12/9/14

I was doing a little virtual house-keeping where someone said the following about this post: fuck her, she should stick to makeup.
1) that would be rape if OP tried to fuck me without my consent, and no, she does not have consent.
2) read the about section, lady. This is my blog, my journal, my time capsule so I can look back and see what my naieve little self used to think.
3) free speech. ‘Cuz’ MURICA aand this is the Internet.
4) Didn’t your mother teach you not to be rude behind someone’s back?

I’m all for civil discussion as long as there’s taking with logic and not emotion.

Here’s a take away lesson to apply to all aspects of your life: Think before you act or speak to minimize the unpleasant effects for everyone else.

Good Night. May you piss off fewer people in your future. Sure there’s no pleasing everyone, but damage control is a VERY nice concept to consider implementing immediately.


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