Evie Selfie

14 Dec

Arisha is coming out soon and Evies are about to become an extinct/rare race.

NexDerp decided to hold a “Evie Selfie” contest on their FB page for Evie players to commemorate their first Int. using Mage class before they all disappear from the face of the Vindictus Earth (which is really just 3 towns and a meadow).

The following is my entry.

Location: Ainle
Dungeon: Burnt Pumpkin Field – Last Room

Equips List
Head: Twinkling Earrings
Top: Exquisite Vehemence Jacket
Bottom: Exquisite Scarlet Witch Skirt
Hands: Broken Feather Bracers
Feet: Light Ingkells Boots

Face Tattoo: Mischief Skull
Hair: Mild-but-Wild Cut
Leg Tattoo: Rabbit

My Evie is not pleased with having to share her Int. gear. Those skulls? Yeah. They’re Arisha skulls.
Just kidding.

All that being said, SCYTHIES ARE THE MASTER RACE. Will never stop playing.

Arisha can go do some creative things to herself with that Spelled Long-blade.

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