Quick Wearable Graphic Eyeliner Look

18 Dec

This is just a quick little look i did one day that I ended up really liking, along with a bunch of other i thought i would share it.

The picture below is after a couple of hours so the liquid black liner has faded some. It hadn’t occurred to me to take a picture after i had first drawn the liner on.

These are the products that I used though you can most definitely do this with anything you have and substitute the pop of color with anything of your choice.

Some Kind of Liquid Liner in black
Smashbox Always Sharp 3D Liner in Seafoam

I have a really odd half hooded eye but this is what it would look like on a normal eye.

Step 1: lightly smudge and blend the colored liner over the upper lid near the lash line until the color is diffused.

Step 2: paint on the liquid as shown. I started with a mostly linear stroke that slanted along my bottom lash line, and extended it some. I then drew a thin line on my upper lid and made the thin wing to be mostly parallel to the bottom extension. Lastly, I connected top and bottom with the black diagonal asking my outer corner.

Step 3: finish off with the colored liner, filling in the gap in the outer corner and inner half of the lower lash line as well as the inner corner (as a highlight). I blended the green a bit over into the black.

Step 4: make adjustments as needed (darkening the black liner, thickening/lengthening lines, more blending, etc.)

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