Smashbox Be Legendary Lipsticks in Bing & Cherry Copper Review and Swatches

20 Jan

What Is This About
This is about two lipsticks from Smashbox’s Fall 2014 “Cherry Smoke” Collection: “Bing” and “Cherry Copper”.
Smashbox describes the lipsticks as stated below:

  • Cherry Copper (creamy pinky nude with copper pearl)
  • Bing (classic red matte)

The lipsticks retailed for $21 originally. However, I was poking around at the Nordstrom Rack last weekend and picked up both colors for $10.97 each so they’re probably going fast.

I have a love/hate relationship with limited edition collections/sets. I hate them because after they’re gone, they’re (usually) gone forever or for a couple years until they are re-promoted/quietly added to the permanent line. I love them because when the current season is up, the leftovers get discounted into a reasonable price range.

**EDIT Dec 2015: Bing was added to the perm. matte lipstick line (here) for $20.

First Look
Like the permanent line lipsticks, these come encase in the signature heavy black ceramic-feeling case. I still have no idea what the material actually is but it feels substantial and very nice (read: high end). What’s special about these limited edition casings is that there are two adjacent sides decorated with Pollock-esque paint splatters in a reflective silver.

Decorate sides and plain sides.

Decorate sides and plain sides.



As always, ignore the color strip on the box because it is TOTALLY wrong. These are the lipsticks bullets in what i tried to represent as the truest to color irl.


Left: Copper Cherry. Right: Bing

Both lipsticks have a strong yellow undertone and practically GLOW in direct sunlight.
Bing is a classic red, aka: yellow based red. The yellow really brightens the color up.
Copper Cherry i am quite happy about. Most of the time when companies say “pinky nude” they mean a pink with brown base. CC’s yellow base makes it more like a pink-peach and infinitely more flattering, in my opinion.

Top: Bing. Bottom: Copper Cherry

Top: Bing. Bottom: Copper Cherry

Side note, I think “Bing” should have been called “Rainer” instead. It looks like a freaking Rainer Cherry. Bing cherries are vampy, blue-burgundy reds.

What You Get
Each lipstick contains 0.1 oz. of product.
At normal pricing of $21, that would be $210/oz.
At discounted pricing of $10.97, it’s a much more reasonable $109.7

Normal Be Legendary lipsticks from the permanent Smashbox line are $20 for 0.1 oz. of product or $200/oz.

For price comparisons:
MAC lipsticks are $16 for 0.1 oz. or $160/oz.
Bite Beauty’s Luminous Creme Lipsticks are $24 for 0.15 or $160/oz.
Makeup Forever’s Rouge Artist Lipsticks are  $20 for 0.12 oz. or $166.67/oz.
Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Color Lipsticks are $22.50 for 0.13 oz. or $173.08
Bobbi Brown Lipcolors are $26 for 0.12 oz. or $216.67/oz.
NARS Audacious Lipsticks are $32 for 0.14 oz. or $228.57/oz.
Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipsticks are $22 for 0.09 oz. or $244.44/oz.

Color Breakdown
If you’re a fan of nude-pinky lipsticks move right along, Bing is not for you. Bing is as bright as a classic red can get. I want to say that this lip color has a almost hot-pink component mixed into the strong yellow base. When sheered out on the back of my hand, it becomes a perfect fuchsia-red. I got pretty excited when i found the picture below because it is a almost perfect representation of Bing’s color. That picture is worth a thousand of my bumbling words.
Bottom left and right corners of the tree pretty much perfectly represents the lipstick’s color swatched over skin. The color in the tube is slightly darker and redder than the darkest parts of the tree. The very top-middle section of the tree is what it looks like sheered out on the back of my hand but a tad more blue.

Image Source:

It is distinctly different from Mandarin from the permanent line which is more of a russet-orange based red.

Swatches and Performance
Both lip colors have a light vanilla cupcake scent but virtually no taste on the lips. The smell is slightly sweeter than the vanilla scent in MAC lipsticks and is enough to waft into the nose and trick your brain into thinking that you are tasting the vanilla on your lips.

The swatches are done like so: The left swatch is one swipe, the middle swatch is two swipes, right swatch is sheered/blended out. AS always, click on the pictures to enlarge them.


Bing in warm light

Normally, limited edition stuff has inferior quality compared to the permanent line’s products. Not so in this case. In fact it is almost better than my favorite of the permanent line. Pigmentation and quality for this one is insane. It is incredibly opaque. It also feels like total dream. It swipes on and blends like a cream lipstick. There was no tugging. I really hope that Smashbox makes this one permanent eventually. The permanent Be Legendary line is lacking a yellow based red anyways.The lipstick itself looks like a matte cream and that texture translates to the lip but It is important to note that Bing is slightly drying just like it’s cousin Infrared Matte. It will catch on dry patches and skin flakes so make you exfoliate! Bing is also very stubborn when it comes time to remove it. I needed an oil cleaner to obliterate every trace of it.

Bing in cool light

Bing in cool light

It doesn’t bleed, settle into feathers or lines which is really nice. The color’s formula seems almost stretchy in its ability to contort with lip and mouth movements without cracking like a lot of matte lipsticks are prone to doing.The staying power is average at around 4-5 hours. After about 4 hours it fades gracefully and evenly. It loses the bright orange qualities but never stops looking vibrant.

The stain it leaves behind is a flushed fuschia-rose that looks bolder than normal but tame enough for daily wear. Refer to the blended out swatch, it pretty much looks like that but less intense because the natural color of your lips show through. If your lips are naturally any shade of pink, awesome. If your lips are more mauve or brown… uh, that might be hard to pull off once the main color fades.


Copper Cherry in warm light

Copper Cherry is creamy as the cream lipsticks from the normal line and has a built in gloss. It has has a shiny kick from the copper peals. The pigmentation is no where near as intense as Bing sadly. The color is composed of copper-gold particles loaded into a peachy-nude based dusky pink.. If someone turned NARS’ Super Orgasm blush into a gloss that was solid like a lipstick and crancked up the intensity of the peach base, you would end up with Smashbox’s Cherry Copper. I say super orgasm because the rose-gold flecks in this lip color are perceptible to the naked eye at close proximity.

The finish is so shimmery that it is near metallic ( if your lips are smooth and polished) The glossy effect of the lipstick drenches the lips is like and creates a plumping illusion. The gloss also overshines the copper pearls and keeps the glitter-like particles from being too apparent.


Copper Cherry in cool light

CC applies quite easily with no tugging and a lot of slip. No tackyness, no stickiness. It also wears very comfortably and doesn’t feel like it’s sitting on the lips. The best way i can describe the feeling of wearing this is pretend that you are wearing a the thinnest coat of non-sticky gloss. MY lips felt like they were able to breath through the coating vs being smothered in a layer of mucus. There is a slight moisturizing effect that lasts for about two hours. After this feeling disappears, so does the glossy shine and shimmer-glitters.

Longevity for Copper Cherry is not stellar: about 3 hours of wear if i don’t eat anything intense (like a sandwich). After that period it leaves a slightly darkening stain like Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick in “Naked”. The yellow base remains so my lip color remains warm-pink instead of that dusty brown pink that i loathe because it makes my lips look corpse-like. It would br best to carry the tube with you for touch ups during the day to keep it looking fresh and polished, like with anything that is not a perfect match for your lips’ natural color. But if you’re like me, that’s too much work and you can get away with just applying it in the morning if you don’t mind the stain.

Thoughts Overall
If you’re only going to get one, I would recommend Cherry Copper more. Cherry Copper is a unique one in my collection. All the other ones i have similar to it are more brown based than actual pink-peach nude. The metallic finish from the copper pearls may seem scary, but it’s very wearable if the rest of your look is minimal and polished. It wont go as well, with a brooding, stormy smokey eye or bright cobalt eyeliner but it will complement virtually any “natural” makeup look.

Bing is a classic normal boring yellow-based red and easily skip-able. There are various other cosmetic companies – drugstore and high-end – that offer color dupes of it. I can’t speak for their performance though. Personally, I think spending $11 + tax on a high quality red lipstick from a studio brand is a worthy investment seeing as reds are rather fickle. The opacity and color payoff is so extremely excellent. So if you have a spare 11 bucks, go for it.

Would i have bought both of them at full price? Hell no. Would i buy duplicates at $11 each? Yup. Well, i didn’t buy two of Bing because I can pretty easily get the same color by mixing Smashbox’s “Mandarin” and “Infrared Matte” lipsticks together in a 1:2 ratio if I’m not feeling lazy. I did buy two of Copper Cherry and – in the meantime – am crossing my fingers hoping that Smashbox re-releases it like they did with “Cognac”. I’m still waiting for them to re-release Black Cherry from Fall 2013. *sighs*

Bottom line is: if you find yourself drawn to the colors, you will like these  a lot .

Just for kicks, below i have included pics of swatches comparing Bing to other Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick Reds. Each swatch is two swipes of color. “Bing” I swatched over a thin line of black liquid eyeliner to drive home how insanely pigmented and opaque it is. I derped hard and labeled Bing with a “C” for cherry instead of a “B” for Bing.

Left to Right: Bing, Mandarin, Infrared Matte, Legendary

Left to Right: Bing, Mandarin, Infrared Matte, Legendary

Left to Right: Bing, Mandarin, Infrared Matte, Legendary

Left to Right: Bing, Mandarin, Infrared Matte, Legendary

Left to Right: Bing, Mandarin, Infrared Matte, Legendary

Left to Right: Bing, Mandarin, Infrared Matte, Legendary

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