Hello Kitty Staff: Level 90 Toy Staff?

24 May

So i ran across some eye catching, upcoming content for Vindictus as i was stalking Coronaplease and the first thing that jumped out at me was, “how awesome would it be if the staff had two different views? One from the front and one from the back.” Nexon has been known to mess up textures from different angles, but what if they did it intentionally…. Anyhow, this is the level 90 “Guardian of the Border” staff … with a few edits in MSpaint.  It would make a really cute toy staff. If you’re unfamiliar with that the existing toy staff looks like, it’s basically a bunny head on a stick.

Everyone's favorite Sanrio kitty makes and appearance,

Everyone’s favorite Sanrio kitty makes an appearance,

original image and source

While on the topic of future content, what the every loving fuck is this thing.

They claim it’s the Braha Scythe (also level 90).Who’s idea was it to call that a scythe? The “Braha Blunt Axe” is more like it. Man, and i thought the Light Splitter was the inbred cousin of the scythe family.

The Dawnguard Rune Axe from Elder Scrolls

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