Saibikoho Sticker Shock

25 May

I had a rather funny conversation with another makeup loving friend the other day. Basically, the topic of brushes came up and i linked her a few of the creme-de-la-creme brushes that i could find and she was incredulous to say the least. If you’re a lurker on the Sweet Makeup Temptations you may be familiar with these. Well, you still may be shocked silly. If you have minimal interest in makeup brushes, I hope you’re sitting down. These were the brushes that i showed my friend, in order. I can only imagine what her eyes looked like on the other side of the screen, with each successive link.

source: CDJapan

source: CDJapan

D: … $800?
Y: I warned you to be sitting down
D: I’m surprised we haven’t gotten to gold plating yet
Y: oh, you want gold plating? are you ready for this?
Y: it’s…..
Y: actually less expensve
*links Hakuhodo SJ100 *
I’m actually kind of dissappointed

Just in case you’re too lazy to click the link and have no clue what the Hakuhodo S series entails, the S series brushes have ferrules plated in 24k gold.  The most expensive S series brush i can find is the S102 for $148. A bargain in comparison, no?

If your jaw didn’t hit the floor before, it probably will now. Just check out that price increase.

Source of 2-22 screen cap:

Source of 2-22 screen cap

Disclaimer: I’m not slamming these brushes, company or the buyers in any way at all. I, myself, have spent an eye-opening number on brushes because i appreciate quality, material rarity and craftsmanship. These saibikoho echizen brushes however made me realize how crazy the brush-lovers must seem to ‘normal” people.

I sense you judging. “>->

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