BH Cosmetics Pro Artist Brush Belt Review

02 Jul

Nothing makes my happier than organization, except food, sleep, my teddy bear, and my bunny blankie, but that’s irrelevant. Well actually, the last two are kind of relevant becuase they are fuzzy and soft like makeup brushes.

I have a … let’s say… “unhealthy” number of brushes for a non-pro makeup person (in gaming terms I’d be a “filthy casual”) and nothing drives me battier than when my brushes are scattered everywhere. (ie: purse, sink counter, desktop, cabinet, etc.).  I need a home base for everything. I don’t like storing them in cups (that’s just a personal preference because they are open to dust) or drawers (because I’m too cheap & short on space to get drawers). Thus i decided to get a brush belt and assign each brush to a home slot/pocket. Now, if there’s a hole or a space anywhere then that means something is missing and i can figure it out based on where the hole is.

I think it’s safe to assume that the material is polyurethane. The seams are well stitched. Everything feels secure and the over all brush belt is well built. It’s been half a year and I don’t see any signs of wear. However i don’t actively move around with mine like a MUA on the job would. Mine is just for storing brushes. I drag it across surfaces and counter tops but that’s about it. That being said, my brush belt – when loaded – is actually pretty heavy.  The fact that it’s back doesn’t have scuff marks earns it a few brownie points. The carrying capacity is pretty huge. Unless i counted incorrectly when i emptied it to snap the pictures, there are 51 brushes roomed in the picture below. The sad part is that’s not even my brush storage’s final form. I have a few more fistfuls worth of brushes chilling in makeshift containers… I know. I have a problem.

belt open close

There are 4 rows, two “wings” and one central area with slots. Rows 1 and 3 are open pockets where the brushes can move around freely while rows 2 and 4  consist of individual pockets. There are 5 pockets in Row 2 and 4 pockets in Row 4. Each pocket loop can fit a single larger barrel brush (face/powder/cheek) or 2-3 thinner handled brushes (eye/liner/lip/brow). With Rows 1 and 3 it’s open season, You can put anything in there as long as long as you can fish it out, including but not limited to short handled brushes, a small palette, packets of blotting papers, or an ita brush.

Top view of all 4 Rows - See how the brushes in Rows 1 and 3 can be skewed?

Top view of all 4 Rows – See how the brushes in Rows 1 and 3 can be skewed?

The central area slots are tighter than i would like them to be. It makes it harder to stick brushes in on every tier and limits what can be put there. For example, i can’t put two brushes with handles thicker than my pinkie in the central area unless i want to risk bursting the seams.. I usually put my fine paint brushes there but ocasionally switch them out for spoolies/mascara wands. If im traveling, i forgo sticking brushes there completely and just fold the brush belt in half along that area.

There’s also a flap that is, get this, ACTUALLY LONG ENOUGH TO COVER THE MIDGET BRUSHES AND NOT DESTROY THE ARRANGEMENT OF THE BRISTLES! If you’ve messed around with other brush belts before you’ll know what i mean and be just as excited. If you don’t the following pictures are for you. please ignore the swatches on the back of my hand.

Looking at the bristles being splayed just makes me cringe.

Looking at the bristles being splayed just makes me cringe.

The whole thing can be secured to your hips with a 3 prong clip. It’s plastic and pretty standard. Not much else to say aside from the fact that it works and that’s all that matters, right? If you pack it like i do, it gets pretty heavy but the strap is pretty wide. It doesn’t cut into skin and distributes the load nicely.

Now we get into the boring but just as critical part: measurements. A brush belt is moot if your tools don’t fit. The pockets in Row 3 and 4 are really deep but if the handle is snugly fit enough, the brush doesn’t have to be stuck in all the way. I apologize for my earlier blog posts that weren’t meant for an international audience. From this post on, I’ll try my best to give measurements for both imperial and metric. The total circumference of strap + pouch is 45″ or 114.3 cm

Measurements in Inches

Measurements in Inches **CRAP I messed up rows 2 and 3. Please switch them in your head.

Measurements in Centimeters

Measurements in Centimeters ** CRAP! I messed up rows 2 & 3. Please switch them in your head.

Things to Note
Fresh out of the box, there was a bit of a chemical-y smell. I noticed that some of my natural hair brushes took on the smell of the material  but after about a week’s time and a couple of washes, all traces of smell went away. I don’t get very bothered by weird odors but people who are very sensitive might want to hang it outside for a few days.

There is an upper limit to how much you can squeeze in volume wise because all 4 rows share the same pouch. You won’t be able to fit fat kabukis or other brushes with really thick handles without sacrificing spaces for a few other brushes.

Price + Availability
The normal listing price for this is $14 but it’s typically “on sale” for $9 at the bh cosmetics website under accessories. I ordered mine before their little price jump from $8.95 which is not a big difference but still enough to make me sigh. Like, why?

I actually like this brush belt alot and am thinking of getting another one or two more when/if i find it at a deeper discount so that my brushes have more space. The plan is to put all my natural hair brushes in one belt and all the synthetics in another. The third belt might be used for my Japanese artisan brushes which are living like hobos right now; I’m currently keeping those in a cardboard box. But at least it’s a nice cardboard box.


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