Koyudo Brushes Part IX – Guest Post by Of Toys &Tokyo

09 Sep

I’m happy to present to you a guest post by D. of the blog Of Toys & Tokyo. The special feature of this post: fan brushes! She probably has a biggest Koyudo brush collection (besides Sonia of Sweet Makeup Temptations) and that collection has recently been expanded. This is part 9. To see her previous hauls and Koyudo posts, click on any of the links below. I highly recommend checking them out because there is something for everyone. I’m not responsible if you get the urge to go shopping though…

As always, click on the pictures to zoom. Thank you D. for your time and all the pictures.

Part IX
Here it is, folks, the last of my Koyudo brushes. Going forward, unless Koyudo releases new and exciting things (like the Fuwafuwa) I think I will stop growing my collection.

I’ve been eyeing the fan brushes for a long time. When CDJapan had a double points promotion, decided I should own a couple, just to learn how to use them. There are really only 2 choices, the H012 and H013, so I bought both.

And while at it, I also bought the limited editions Powder and Medium Eye brushes, yes, those that were on super sale for a crazy price. Normally, I’m with the school of thoughts that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. However, Koyudo is the exception, and I will tell you now I do not regret my purchase. On the contrary, I regret not buying multiples of the Medium Eye when it was still available!

Brushes in this batch: H012 (top), H013 (bottom), Powder (black handle), and Medium Eye (purple handle).

Pic 1

H012 , Gray Squirrel & Goat Sokoho, 10,800JPY: first, the packaging. Both of the fan brushes arrived in gift-ready cartons, each with their own velvet storing pouch. I actually don’t recommend using this pouch. As nice as it looks and feel, slipping the brush into the pouch is much easier than getting it back out. Unless you’re willing to pull the brushes out by the hair. So I don’t use these pouches at all and opted to just display it on my brush organizers.

Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6 Pic 7

This H012 is a large brush with thick handle. The squirrel mix hair is supremely soft and the fan shape covers a wide area, making the brush very efficient at sweeping. The hair is densely packed. However, due to its length and softness, the brush works best for finishing. It’s great with bronzers also. I doubt people would pick up this brush for buffing, and if that’s what you’re planning, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s too floppy for that purpose. I mostly use it for “clean up,” as in lightly and quickly sweeping it over my t-zones and cheeks once to remove any excess powder.

Pic 8 Pic 9 Pic 10 Pic 11

H013 , 5,400JPY: this brush has a nearly identical handle as the H012 above, just a tad thicker maybe, but just as wide. However, the similarity ends here. Yes, both are fan brushes, but I think H012 has more of a fan shape whereas this H013 has a rounded, tapered crown. The bristle is full goat and the hair is shorter, which means less floppy with a denser and poofier feel. These characteristics make H013 more versatile than H012. For example, I can use H013 with pressed powder whereas H012 wouldn’t pick up much at all. So my humble opinion is that if you’re looking for practicality and can only have 1 fan brush, go for this H013 instead of H012, you’ll get more use out of it.

Pic 12 Pic 13 Pic 14 Pic 15 Pic 16 Pic 17

Either way, I feel both of these fan brushes aren’t meant to be travel-friendly. They’re really not portable. Sure, you can carry them around, but you’ll risk them shifting inside the pouch and crumple the hair in the process. This means these are strictly vanity top items, which is fine because they’re beautiful to look at and you’ll want to display them anyway.

Pic 18 Pic 19 Pic 20 Pic 21

Below I am comparing H012 and H013. Note H012’s black handle is slightly thinner than H013’s pink handle.

Pic 22

And H012 is much wider and flatter, with noticeably longer hair. Whereas H013 is rounder and tapered, and shorter hair.

Pic 23 Pic 24

Finally, you can actually see how floppy H012 can be in comparison to H013.

Pic 25 Pic 26

Powder Gray Squirrel , 2,980JPY (down from 13,650JPY!): I wasn’t too keen on getting this powder brush, not just because it’s full squirrel but also because it looks quite floppy in the online photos. But who can say no that price? My rationale is at the very least, I can use it for finishing, or even a light dusting of highlighter.

Pic 27

Well, that’s exactly what happened. This brush isn’t dense, add in the hair length and you have a floppy bunny ear on a brush handle, floppier even, after washing! Being full squirrel, it’s also insanely soft, and since I got it at an insanely low price, I won’t complain. The brush ferrule is actually not rounded but oval, a circle slightly squished in on two sides. This makes it look rather similar to the BP009, but I don’t own the latter so I can’t draw any conclusion.

Pic 28 Pic 29 Pic 30 Pic 31

Medium Eye Gray Squirrel , 1,650JPY (down from 3,300JPY): now this is a brush I wish I had bought multiples of at the price I got it for! I’m still kicking myself for not thinking ahead, because I knew I’d love it when I bought it. How did I know? Because I own two other similar brushes, the Red Shader and BP033, and I love those. And the purple handle on this one is really pretty!

Pic 32

This Medium Eye is very similar to Red Shader and BP033. Actually, it seems to be slightly more precise in shape, being perfectly rounded on both the front and tapered at the sides, with the tapering coming to a nice point. This could just be dumb luck though. These brushes are handmade after all. Were I to have bought multiples, perhaps they each might turnout slightly different from one another. Still, I want a backup, but of course it’s no longer available. Darn! I’ve been using it every day for the past couple of weeks with Lunasol Ahkah Collection shadows (will review those soon) and it does a superb job. See comparison photos below for the brush’s post-wash shape.

Pic 33 Pic 34 Pic 35 Pic 36

Here I’m comparing the Red Shader, BP033, and Medium Eye. Love!

Pic 37

Pic 38 Pic 39 Pic 40 Pic 41

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