Does This Make Me Evil: Red Lip Russian Roulette

07 Dec

It’s quite simple. My red lip products are my bullets (geddit? lipstick bullets? okay nevermind).  Some of the reds are non-transferable while others are, and leave bloody-colored marks.

S.O. comes home and i go to greet him with a kiss, like always. Lately though, I’ve taken to greeting him with a random red lipstick on.

Because all my reds look the same to him, he can never be sure if the formula that i have on is transfer proof or not. Some days he gets away scot-free while on others, he breaks away with a very clear lip print  looking like he just walked out of a cartoon make-out session.


This is literally his face as he awaits the result. (From Pon & Zi a webcomic by Jeff Thomas)


Needless to say he’s now far more wary when i approach him with a painted grin at the end of the day. Of course, he could choose not to play this game of roulette by not bending down to where my lips can reach his face, but if he doesn’t kiss me or let me kiss him… I poke him.

The poor guy just can’t win.

Though he has gotten me back by kissing my forehead after I got him with a transferable lipstick. XD

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