Saibikoho + Yakusugi Cheek Brush by Koyudo

07 Jan

Looks like my ambitions for a Koyomo Tsuki face brush are going to get put on back burner for a while. 2016 is barely a week old and I’m already off to a naughty start. Why you ask? Because i set up a 1 month brush ban. if you can’t already see where this is going, I’m seriously considering breaking my ban.

CDJapan just released some very special limited edition brushes by Koyudo. Normally Koyudo is the most affordable (read: reasonable) of the Japanese fude brands, but when they make luxury LE stuff, they go ALL out. This time they’ve made a dream hybrid: the heads are sabikoho, literally the best of the best quality hair, while the handles are made of an ancient, fragrant cedar known as Yakusugi.

I love special wood, I love hair and of course i love softness… I pulled the trigger on the cheek brush T_T These are pure collection pieces, but my inner Poke-fluffy master must have that cheek brush. Both come packaged in their signature Paulownia wood gift box that makes for beautiful presentation and storage.

saibi cheek

pics compiled from CDJapan

The cheek brush (25,000 yen) brush head looks to be approximately the same shape as the BP016 Cheek brush (review +pics here): a tapering, flattish paddle with an oval footprint. The BP016 is 38mm long, while the Saibiyaku is 39mm long. As i write this, there are only 15 pieces left.

**Edit: I’ve reviewed it. Read my thoughts and comparisons here.

16 vs saibi

BP016 with white handle, Saibiyaku with brown handle

In the dual brush set (31,250), the cheek brush is the same. For the extra 6,250 yen (or $50-53 USD) you get an medium eye brush that resembles a smaller BP033 shader (hairs shorter by 5mm). As i write this there are only 3 sets left.

saibi set

Pictures from CDjapan

Honestly? The extra money for the little eye brush is not worth it for me. I just want one piece with the yakusugi wood and sabikoho hair to experience. Saibikoho is supposed to be softer than gray and red squirrel. All the gray squirrel brushes rate an 8/10 according to CDjapan. The saibikoho brushes rate a 9/10.


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