Nails for Lunar New Year -2016

06 Feb

I had just taken a midterm earlier that day and didn’t feel like doing anything productive or mind intensive. So i decided to watch paint dry. Nail paint. In pretty colors


Pics taken indoors with flash, because under sunlight, the topcoat was being too damn shiny and messing everything up.

Everything was free-handed. No tape, stencils or stuff. All the polishes i used were all one coaters so it was super easy and relatively fast. Why did i use 3 different reds? Too much time + too many variations of red nail-polish.

  • Base coat: None, prepped with alcohol pad
  • Shiny Metallic Red: Butter “Knees Up” (love this so much, my go to for shiny red nails)
  • Bright Creme Red: Illamasqua “Throb”
  • Dark Shiny Red: Illamasqua “Scarab” (only seen as the stripe on my gold thumb, also put it on my toes but didn’t take a pic of those”
  • Pale Metallic Gold: Essie “Good as Gold”
  • Glitter Gold: Illamasqua “Spartan” (holycrap.ididntknowglittercouldbesogoodinonecoat)
  • Top Coat: Butter “Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcaot”



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