Meet the Hamster Running this Blog

This blog is run by a collegiate hamster procrastinating on (insert course name here) homework. What homework you ask? It used to be related to public health and disease prevention. Consequently most of Hamster’s older posts read like a lab reports: structured, long winded and boring to anyone not interested in the subject at hand… if it was acceptable for lab reports to be written stream-of-consciousness.

Currently, Hamster is studying Occupational Therapy. If you have any questions about what a 2-Year Entry Level (post-baccalaureate) Masters program is like, feel free to reach out with your questions. Hamster keeps a sort-of-diary to share upon request that may give you can get an idea of what school life for a MS student is like (please note that weekends are not tracked).

Any shortage of posts or bouts of hiatus can be attributed to the Hamster being underfed, hibernating, drowning in paperwork, or furiously reading through browser tabs.

Hamster is fluent in English, Sarcasm, Dry/Dark/Off-color Humor, a few other languages of the Humor Family, and two other “real-world languages”. Readers who are only half-fluent in Sarcasm are advised to stop reading as soon as possible to save themselves and others from unnecessary agony.

Feel free to share hamster’s content if you find the information worthy of being shared, but please make sure that it links back to the original post. When hamster gets mad, things get ugly. (You don’t want incisor marks in your hand, do you?)

Hamster likes books, etymology, linguistics, medical news, pedagogy, art history, jewelry-making, shiny-things, wood-working, day-dreaming, video games, make up, loud colors, social commentary, philosophy, mythology, music, puns, beach & sand, snow & ice, word-play, playing games (especially winning at games), youtube, sleeping, and food. Scratch that. Hamster LOVES sleeping and food.

Probably the most important thing that Hamster likes is learning. That is why Hamster’s bookshelf threatens to crack the floor it rests on and create a crater in the Earth.

Somehow – by a feat of black magic – this Hamster is able to play the piano, cello and violin. One day, Hamster will get her own carbon fiber cello.

Hamster is a chronic jaywalker that can be found zig-zagging across campus streets, being a pro at dodging bikes, and swearing at people who pull California rolling stops. Seriously? Don’t do that when there’s someone in the crosswalk. Any other time is fine. No cop = no stop.


Hamster cannot walk in a straight line or keep a conversation on topic to save her life.
Hamster also has the tendency to make up words and spew random, sensical nonsense… which is how Hamster arrived at this blog’s name:

JayBirdWalking = (Jaywalking + Birdwalking) / Jabberwocky

Jab    =    Jay
Ber    =    Bird
Wock    =    Walk
– Y    =    – ing

You’re welcome. I knew you were looking for an explanation. No? Just me? Am i the only one that is always curious about how people choose their website/user names?

Please note that there are affiliate links scattered throughout this site. Posts that contain affiliate links will note as much in the tags. Shopping through these links buys fodder for hamster to consume and write about so thank you in advance!


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