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Etsy. But Cruder.

So I Made My Own Brush Display Stand…

because i had a problem. The acrylic display stand that i bought wouldn’t fit into the “suite” of the display box I had. The large space with the MK-2 (on said bought acrylic display stand) I call the penthouse and the small compartments are apartments. I really wanted to have a stand for my Koyudo Fuwafuwa and maybe for my Fupas too which are approximately the same shortness….. so i decided to make my own.


MK-2 is the brush on the clear thing at the top. Fuwafuwa on DIY stand.

I made the bone colored thing, not the whole black, mirrored box. That’s a repainted, re purposed childhood toy jewelry box.

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Amigurumi (Crochet Plushie) Zergling – Carbot Style!

It’s here! My commission is finally finally here! I already have enough stuffed animals, but i couldn’t resist requesting a crocheted Carbot Zergling plushie! It’s so cute i almost don’t know what to do with it. Besides stare and cuddle it.

Giffy zergling is enthusiastically saying: Welcome to the family!

I get bragging rights to the grand-daddy of all soon-to exist, amigurumi zerglings by Secret Mist. They’re so cute, they”ll probably proliferate exponentially. Soon, there will be enough for a zerg rush. *^* Side note, amigurumi is “the Japanese art of making knitted/crocheted stuffed dolls.” (wiki definitions ftw)

Like all of her other plushies, the zergling’s outer shell is made of crocheted, dyed yarn so there’s a bit of fuzziness. I’m not sure what the material is. It slipped my mind to ask if it’s acrylic or wool so sorry  I’m too lazy to i can’t provide info there. The inside is stuffed with with polyester fiber fill. The head features hemispherical button eyes and a cut-felt mouth, separately stitched on top. The knots are evenly spaced as well as tight so no stuffing will escape. The joints between the body, limbs and head are solid, all parts are securely attached to the body.


One of the things i specifically requested was that the mouth be stitched on so that it’s a nice, sharp jagged grin. I’m no so much a fan of the derpy tongue unless it actively licking stuff so that’s not featured here. I also mentioned the flappy wings because those are easy to over look.

I don’t know what kind of black magic she had to pull to get it to stand up on its own -in case you haven’t notice the chibi-proportioned head. The zergling plushie is about 6 inches long, 5 inches tall, and 3 inches at the widest part of the head.

If you aren’t familiar with Carbot Zerglings, here’s a crash course: they’re basically purple puppies with wings that like to destroy things. (Hint: video is much more amusing with the sound on)


It’s good at guarding wallets. Good dog, er, zergling.


How/Where to Get
**Edit 2/16/15: Zergling is now an offering in her store for $25 at this link here. I didn’t pay shipping because I picked it up in person, but orders are shipped from San Diego, CA.

The Zergling was a personal commission so if you want one with different specifications (or a different plushie all together), you will have to custom order it via email communication. The email address is listed on her homepage at the very top. This commission took her only 9 days to create from scratch (on top of school work and other stuff). Other custom-orders may take a longer/shorter amount of time and cost less/more depending on complexity.

Some of Secret Mist’s Other Offerings (if game characters aren’t your thing) I linked Secret Mist’s store website at the very beginning of the post but here it is again.
Warning: 95% chance of cuteness overload


From movies: Baymax and Yoda


Hippo!  Forget the pair o’ dice. Get a Couple of Cherries!


Zojirushi Mascot (Elephant) and Squirtle (complete with curly tail)


Source of that licking, nom-happy zergling on my laptop screen.

I think a Marine is next up on my list of commissions:

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