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“A Beautiful Song” I’ve Been Binging – From Nier Automata

The whole OST of Nier: Automata is pretty good overall, but this is “the Opera Singer Boss” that started the hype train because they played a game preview of this boss fight at E3. I’m so ready to play the PC version  when it finally drops tomorrow because I’ve been green with envy watching my S.O. play it on console. I’ve tried, with disastrous results… my thumbs aren’t dexterous enough.

The name of the song actually is “A Beautiful Song.” Composed by Keiichi Okabe and sung by Emi Evans,  with J’Nique Nicole on the second verse, and Nami Nakagawa on the operatic and choral portions.  I’ve been playing this on InfiniteLooper while doing work stuffs.

This track accompanies the fight with the third boss from Nier Automata, a goliath sentient machine named Simone Beauvoir who is obsessed with becoming more beautiful for, surprise!,  the attention & affection of a guy. Well, more like a male machine (no that’s not a euphemism for something else).

It makes me itch to pick up a cello and play the melody over the instrumental track (below). Maybe I’ll get to it one day. Funny enough, there’s a picture out there somewhere of Emi Evans, the primary vocalist from the original NieR, playing a cello. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Effect of Rain in Southern California

Con: People drive like intoxicated, blindfolded monkeys.

Pro: Shopping becomes a peaceful affair. People refuse to go anywhere, preferring to hole up at home instead.


I mean look at the Costco check-out area! It’s practically a ghost town.  Normally on a Friday afternoon, I would be able to waltz from one side of the checkout floor to the other by walking across a solid continents of carts and never touch the ground.


It also looks like a different neighborhood out there. I swear these hills usually have fewer signs of life than Mars.


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Sweet Way to Wrap Up 2016: Surratt Brushes! And Setting Goals

Christmas miracles do happen. I am now in possession of both of the Surratt eye brushes i have lusted and agonized over…  along with an extra luxury… The face brush! They all joined my collection within the span of a week.

2016, as shitty as it was for the rest of the world, has been very kind to me. i discovered many new loves (in terms of hobbies and objects), obtained some amazing things i have only dreamed of, and dined at places that I could never have imagined eating at before.   My brush acquisition rate dropped sharply (as did my posting frequency, haha) because the exchange rate sucking and various other factors, but I still found amazing new loves . I’ve had to put several projects on the back burner that I am picking up with vigor, one of which I hope to get finished by the time Winter Break is up.

Now  I’m just waiting to see if i will be blessed with the the biggest miracle and gift of all: an acceptance into my top pick grad school. That would be a beyond great way to start off 2017.

For my New Year’s Resolution I’m going to say: haul ass and post at least twice a month maybe once a week if I’m feeling daring! God knows i have more than enough material. There are 162 drafts sitting around and innumerous more items i haven’t even started a post for! I refuse to sacrifice quality for quantity so I’m really going to push myself to write the equivalent of a novella bi-monthly. I may also start doing YouTube videos to demo the brushes in action. Some of of my uses are… “off label” to say the least and I feel like my explanations suck ass. It would be  much easier to show rather than tell. However, the prospect of filming and editing videos is quite daunting.  If I’m not careful, I’m going to end up talking myself out of it and retreat back to being lazy. >_>

One of my problems and obstacles to getting things done, especially things that need to be shared (or will be seen by other eyes) is that I aim for perfetion. I shoot for perfection in the planning stages so that after crudely finangaling my way though several unforseen, but expected bugs, the result I am left to settle with will be at least acceptable in quality (and not utter crap).


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Dance of the Glitchy Sugar Plum Fairies from The Nutcracker Suite

This video is too good. This post is an archive for my purposes so i can easily dig it up and come back to later… but hey, it’s also a great piece of work that should be shared. In the description box by Joel Pashby:

The Nutcracker with dancer Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer, JR Tight Eyex, James Derrick, and the California Phil in Pasadena on Dec. 12, 2015–from the brilliant mind of maestro Victor Vener.

aaand another one:

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Theories of Why Donald Trump is Running for President

A little brain blawgh on potential reasons why this sun dried tomato with shredded Parmesan cheese for hair is entertaining us all with his valuable time and resources. Reasons go from most plausible to least plausible.

1) He’s doing it to increase his speaking fees and become more relevant, again. Loads of previous presidential candidates have benefited from the exposure they received during their campaign.

Recent media coverage goes hand in hand with higher relevance. People with high relevance command higher speaking fees. Even if he doesn’t win, he’ll get paid shit tons more wherever he is asked to appear after this election season is over.

2) He’s doing it to get young people interested enough to participate in the election process. Participate? You know, to actually go out and exercise their right to vote. Humor get’s everyone’s attention right? Perhaps he’s doing it to engage the younger generations and get them to give a shit about who’s going to the be country’s next scapegoat or venerated leader. Whichever.

Sadly, I can reel off way too many peers who have no interest in political news. They say that nothing interests them or sprout some other bullshit reason so they’ll pass on the polls. As a minority that belongs to the 50% that once wasn’t allowed to vote or own property, this laziness infuriates me, but that’s another rant for another time. But really, unless you have a personal vendetta against every single one of the candidates, fish out your grubby, dusty  pen and pick one candidate that doesn’t completely rub you the wrong way..

3) He’s in league with the Democrats and is helping them secure the 2016 presidency.

wait, WHAT?! Let me say it again, Trump’s rampant verbal diarrhea could be serving to guarantee a win for the Democrats.

Think about it this way: If Donald Trump (the most popular candidate atm) gets the republican nomination, there’s no contest. The vast majority of people are going to go, “hahaha. GG GOP. fuck, no” and vote democrat or third party. And because no one can even name the third party candidates, the Democrats will have the election in the bag.

Even if he doesn’t get the nomination, the Democratic nominee will still have an easier time securing votes. The Republican name will leave a bad taste in some people’s mouths because of the association with Trump. One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel.

4) He’s actually running for president.


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A Shower Thought About that Supreme Court Ruling

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Carbot Mod for Starcraft! FUNDED!

Coming soon…. hopefully. Few things make me smile more than an army of zerg-puppies licking things to death. Check out 2:37 and try not to smile. I see you failing The fund-raising campaign and details can be found here. Please please please share so the campaign can reach 350k and gain the 8 direction animation! If anyone knows Korean and can post this to high traffic Korean Starcraft forums and fan-sites, that would be an awesome way to draw more interest (and more funds).

**Update: The project was funded at a little over 90k which means a good handful of cute perks!

Mod ETA? One year from now. Time to buckle down and wag my tail like a puppy-zergling that smells Patches.

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