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“A Beautiful Song” I’ve Been Binging – From Nier Automata

The whole OST of Nier: Automata is pretty good overall, but this is “the Opera Singer Boss” that started the hype train because they played a game preview of this boss fight at E3. I’m so ready to play the PC version  when it finally drops tomorrow because I’ve been green with envy watching my S.O. play it on console. I’ve tried, with disastrous results… my thumbs aren’t dexterous enough.

The name of the song actually is “A Beautiful Song.” Composed by Keiichi Okabe and sung by Emi Evans,  with J’Nique Nicole on the second verse, and Nami Nakagawa on the operatic and choral portions.  I’ve been playing this on InfiniteLooper while doing work stuffs but this extended version gets the job done too.

This track accompanies the fight with the third boss from Nier Automata, a goliath sentient machine named Simone Beauvoir who is obsessed with becoming more beautiful for, surprise!,  the attention & affection of a guy. Well, more like a male machine (no that’s not a euphemism for something else).

It makes me itch to pick up a cello and play the melody over the instrumental track (below). Maybe I’ll get to it one day. Funny enough, there’s a picture out there somewhere of Emi Evans, the primary vocalist from the original NieR, playing a cello.

And just in case your interested, in the Nier: Automata OST as a whole is freaking awesome. I highly suggest checking it out.

Here are a few covers of the song. One is by Poucet, a cover artist i followed primarily for her (French) Vocaloid covers.

And this is an interesting take on a Beautiful Song and Song of the Ancients


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Guild Wars 2 Playable Instruments Duets

Sooo…. they added playable instruments to Guild Wars 2. I’m a little late to this particular party but homg they are so cute. I had to share the videos. And archive them somewhere so i can find them quickly again in the future.

And then there’s this beast duo

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Cram Music Compilation November 2014

I have been listening to this little clip (over and over) while studying cramming for an Ochem Exam into the wee hours of the morning because it is pure awesome. It has a perfect balance of angst, energy and drive interspersed with soothing passages to keep me cognizant and focused.

The above featured track is from a PVP event held on Vindictus quite a while ago.Click here to listen to the track put through

The below track is also quite nice and is much more… conventional for study music. It’s taken from the “waiting area” of the PVP arena, therefore it is more akin to elevator music. It’s a de-fanged, de-clawed, and domesticated track which makes me fall asleep if i try listening to it at 3AM but is nice none the less.

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