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(SFW) I have a dirty mind… Hagie doesn’t actually have a boner.

So while watching youtube preview videos of the 10th Vindictus character “Hagie” (on the KR server) i couldn’t help but notice some unfortunate positioning and angling.

Screenshot taken from Yoobin's video

Screenshot taken from Yoobin’s video

It’s just one end of his dual point dagger hanging on his right hip.

Mfw. it reminds me of those ornamental nail covers nobility used to wear, except over a… different kind of digit.

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Hello Kitty Staff: Level 90 Toy Staff?

So i ran across some eye catching, upcoming content for Vindictus as i was stalking Coronaplease and the first thing that jumped out at me was, “how awesome would it be if the staff had two different views? One from the front and one from the back.” Nexon has been known to mess up textures from different angles, but what if they did it intentionally…. Anyhow, this is the level 90 “Guardian of the Border” staff … with a few edits in MSpaint.  It would make a really cute toy staff. If you’re unfamiliar with that the existing toy staff looks like, it’s basically a bunny head on a stick.

Everyone's favorite Sanrio kitty makes and appearance,

Everyone’s favorite Sanrio kitty makes an appearance,

original image and source

While on the topic of future content, what the every loving fuck is this thing.

They claim it’s the Braha Scythe (also level 90).Who’s idea was it to call that a scythe? The “Braha Blunt Axe” is more like it. Man, and i thought the Light Splitter was the inbred cousin of the scythe family.

The Dawnguard Rune Axe from Elder Scrolls

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Arisha Hairstyles + Bolero Headpiece = Entertainment

Depending on the hairstyle used in tandem,, she can look like one of several things:

War paint and all

War paint and all

A Cockatiel

Beautiful crest.

Beautiful crest.


A Tomato with a bit of vine


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Evie Selfie

Arisha is coming out soon and Evies are about to become an extinct/rare race.

NexDerp decided to hold a “Evie Selfie” contest on their FB page for Evie players to commemorate their first Int. using Mage class before they all disappear from the face of the Vindictus Earth (which is really just 3 towns and a meadow).

The following is my entry.

Location: Ainle
Dungeon: Burnt Pumpkin Field – Last Room

Equips List
Head: Twinkling Earrings
Top: Exquisite Vehemence Jacket
Bottom: Exquisite Scarlet Witch Skirt
Hands: Broken Feather Bracers
Feet: Light Ingkells Boots

Face Tattoo: Mischief Skull
Hair: Mild-but-Wild Cut
Leg Tattoo: Rabbit

My Evie is not pleased with having to share her Int. gear. Those skulls? Yeah. They’re Arisha skulls.
Just kidding.

All that being said, SCYTHIES ARE THE MASTER RACE. Will never stop playing.

Arisha can go do some creative things to herself with that Spelled Long-blade.

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Vindictus Outfitter Contest (2014) Entry

My entry for the 2014 Vindictus Outfitter Design Contest. Original forum submission post here.

The models for the outfits are the actual character models from the game. They are not mine. I was too lazy (read: unskilled) to draw my own. I am no Braiselle/mmmegh.
I took screenshots of my Vella and Lann in the avatar shop with the minimal inner armors on a nude color.
I put the screenshots into Microsoft Publisher and set their color option to “washout”.
Then i printed them out and attacked the papers with my drafting mechanical pencil and wood-less color pencils.

My scanner was being a nope so i just took pictures of the finished sheets.

That’s all there is to it. I think I’ll name it Moonlight Masquerade.

fmale prev

Female version

Male version

Male version

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Cram Music Compilation November 2014

I have been listening to this little clip (over and over) while studying cramming for an Ochem Exam into the wee hours of the morning because it is pure awesome. It has a perfect balance of angst, energy and drive interspersed with soothing passages to keep me cognizant and focused.

The above featured track is from a PVP event held on Vindictus quite a while ago.Click here to listen to the track put through

The below track is also quite nice and is much more… conventional for study music. It’s taken from the “waiting area” of the PVP arena, therefore it is more akin to elevator music. It’s a de-fanged, de-clawed, and domesticated track which makes me fall asleep if i try listening to it at 3AM but is nice none the less.

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Vindictus Cosplay Contest 2014 – Entry for YukinoRyu ft. Succubus Set

Warning: This is a very picture heavy post with large images. I went though all the effort of putting the outfit together so i decided to go all out. I borrowed a friend’s good camera and took pictures upon pictures before i had fun burning the wings up. Just kidding They’re still sitting on my table.

Fact: This is my first cosplay ever. And it was done during a month of midterms oTL

Disclaimer: anything that doesn’t look like it’s real-life is property of Vindictus, Dev-Cat, Nexon and god knows who else.

Fact: I did not cut/sew/craft everything. Outfit pieces will be listed at the end.

Fact: the wings are disproportionately large

Fact: size matters 😉 bigger is better

The original Contest Post in the forums can be accessed by clicking here. It’s post # 24.

Items Modeled
Succubus Wings Jacket
Succubus Skirt
Succubus Long Boots
Heremon Twin Swords Infinity Twin Swords

Whalecum to my den.

Whalecum to my den.

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