Good Entertainment

Stuff I do/read/watch in my spare time (or when I’m procrastinating). Click on the names to find out more about them. Its sort of like a review of other blogs and internet peeps.

Vindictus – Check out the official game page here. It’s a 3rd person action game with MMORPG like elements populated by some of the greatest people you will ever meet (assuming you don’t run into the elite jerks) and adorable emoticons. There are 8 “classes”  characters, each with its own set of special attacks, weapons abilities and armor. Vindictus has gorgeous graphics to accompany its fantastic dress-up system and character models. Think digital PG-13 Barbies – that border on NSFW – for all the grown-up (or not so grown up) boys and girls.
Here’s a fan made trailer:


Madeyewlook – She’s a witch. A good witch, but a witch. She’s also Darth Maul, the Cheshire Cat, Edward Scissorhands, Freddy Krueger, the Big Bad Wolf and much more. In short,  she’s amazing. Check out her channel here.

Here’s a little sampler of the black magic that occurs on her channel.


Brightest Bulb in the Box – Makeup, snark and science. I cannot gush about how much adore this blog without sounding like a creepy fangirl. I love the prose, tone, descriptions, analyses, deconstructions, explanations, “experiments”, adherence to scientific procedure, analogies, attitude and blah blah blah…. *rambles on* To me, her blog is THAT excellent. It a mix of science and beauty that makes the little critic in me sing arias of joy. As a precaution: there is a fair amount of cursing and descriptive snippets that might make some people recoil but makes me burst out laughing. You have been warned. Unfortunately she has been on a long hiatus and the pictures are not displaying a lot of her photos. ;( No matter. I still enjoy it for the writing.
This is one of my favorite posts.


Sweet Makeup Tempations – The one stop shop for your brush pron.


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