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Chikuhodo Z-4 and Z-8 Brush Review and Comparison

I had told myself that i was going to post with more consistency once the summer started but the update on Vindictus Season 3 Episode 1 totally destroyed that resolution.

Anyhow…. This post intends to provide all the information you could ever want two Chikuhodo cheek tools: the Z-4 Cheek/Highlight brush as well as the Z-8 Cheek brush. Based on the fact that you’re reading this post, I’m going to assume that you know what the Chikuhodo Z-series entails. If you don’t here’s a TL;DR version: Japanese, hand-crafted, grey squirrel hair brushes that feel sinfully soft and have hair-raising prices.

Needless to say buying impulsively/without research is a bad idea because they cost a very pretty penny and you can’t easily return them if you make a wrong choice or discover that its not for you. This post will be loosely divided into the following parts and will be fairly long.

  1. a standard review providing all the boring information you may be looking for, and then some
  2. a direct comparison of the Z-4 to the Z-8
  3. other miscellaneous information and rambles (English majors beware. grammar comes here to die)

I’ve seen countless posts comparing the Chikuhodo Z-4 to the Suqqu Cheek Brush, but where are the posts comparing the two Chikuhodo Cheek Sisters? The Z-8 needs some love too. The most commonly asked question on Chikuhodo brush reviews runs something along the lines of, “should i get the Z-4 or the Z-8?” while the answer is usually “Idk, it’s really based on your personal preference…” which roughly translates to,  “idon’twanttobeheldresponsibleifyouendupnotlikingyourchoice so good luck!”

Z-4 Top, Z-8 Bottom

I’m aware that not everyone is a comment thread staker like me so I decided to make a blog post about it and help some people out. Getting both brushes might be redundant (not to mention financially painful) for the people who want one luxury tool but aren’t sure of which one to get. The best tool is the one that fits your needs. If there are any questions you still have at the end, feel free to ask. I have tried my best to include all the information relevant to the deciding-and-buying process but I still might have overlooked some points because i have had both of these for a while now. Read the rest of this entry »


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How to Choose the Best Makeup for You – Shade, Product Selection, and Application Guide (Parody)

What This Is About
Making up is an excellent way to enhance your beauty but the cosmetics world is a very chaotic – and expensive – rabbit hole to fall into. There’s an overwhelming number of products to trial. If you’re confused about how to pick the best colors and shades for your skintone, you’re not alone. Not anymore. This guide will be your best friend through your makeup shopping journey. It will simplify and streamline the process so you don’t waste wads of hard earned money trying out  more colors than a LCD screen can display.

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Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow ME 744 (Poppy) Review and Swatches

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow ME 744 (Poppy) Review and Swatches

As always, the preface is just background information or rambles about why i decided to pick up a certain product so feel free to skip this whole first section and go directly to the review.

If you’re wondering “Who in their right mind would buy a metallic, tomato red eye shadow?!” this following section is for you.

I’ve been in a classic-red cosmetic mood the last month or so, starting with my acquisition of Smashbox’s Be Legendary Lipstick in Bing. I didn’t have a red lip liner to match despite the fact that i have 5 or so other red lipsticks. I had been using UD’s ozone for literally everything because it was doing a pretty good job at it’s, well, job. After getting Bing though, I got the itch to find a red lip pencil to make it easier to do a sharply-define red lip, so i started poking around, looking for a good red, lip liner. By a stroke of Sephora’s sale section serendipity I got my hands on 6 full sized pencils from OCC’s Cosmetic permanent line of Cosmetic Colour Pencils for a whopping $22. Total. I literally could not resist a deal like that.(Full sized pencils alone retail for $16 each.) I went, “Eh screw it,” forked over the extra 6 dollars for the entire set and got NSFW, a “true balanced red” + 5 other pencils, some of which were in interesting colors.

These pencils are marketed as multipurpose for eyes, lips face and body….  BUT red based shades have a little disclaimer (*) at the end saying that the color is not recommended for use around the eye area. This cautionary line is directed for people who have allergies/sensitivities towards red pigment, more on that here. Anyways, long story short, I tried using NSFW as an eyeliner but alas, it smudged and ran like a famished dingo was after it. It barely stay put for 4 hours which just won’t do as far as my eyeliners are concerned (on the lips is a different story).

I decided that I needed a matching (or brighter) red powder to set it (same concept as foundation and setting powder) so I looked into ME-744 Poppy by MUFE and Exhibit A by NARS which are both bright, orange-based, reds. After weighing a bunch of pros-n-cons of each choice, I ultimately decided on MUFE’s ME-744 Poppy for a variety of reasons which i will get into. While there, I accidentally picked up MUFE”s Aqua Cream in #8 which I reviewed *almost* right away because i became instantly smitten by it. (In my book, reviewing something the following weekend is down right FAST and reserved only for stuff that I truly love). Anyhow, acquiring Aqua Cream #8 sorta rendered the point of getting 744 Poppy to set NSFW moot because the Aqua Cream is so effortless and sticks really damn well. But I love red so i kept it all.

I’ve linked reviews to all the red stuff I’ve mentioned except for NSFW and the rest of the OCC pencil set because it has 6 pieces. SIX!  I have a lazy personality on top of my habitual procrastination tendencies so there are still two colors i have not tested and written about yet. I refuse to post the review until all colors are accounted for so yeah…. It might still be a while. Anyways, sorry for that long intro. The review for Make Up For Ever’s Artist Shadow in ME – 744 Poppy begins now.


ME-744 Poppy on top.

First Look
It comes in temporary (read: shitty) packaging as a refill pan, but that’s okay, because cheap packaging keeps the cost of the product down at a reasonable range. You can buy a permanent compact for it for a whooping $1! There’s also a giant 28 pan palette for $14. I’m eyeing that one. I know that MUFE packaging in general is very economical while retaining professionalism, and i admire that, but a little voice in the back of my head can’t help but grumble that this is drugstore level. Think Maybelline eyeshadows with their clear tops and crunchy black plastic. Hell, never mind the drugstore insult. L’Oreal has some pretty nice packaging.


Looks almost orange in this lighting.

The letters “ME” denote the finish of the shadow: Metallic. The other Artist Shadows all have various letter(s) in front of the number code to categorize them by finish (ie: I for iridescent, M for matte, S for Satin, D for Diamond). 744 is the actual code “name” of this shadow. “Poppy” is just the nick name for convenience’s sake in case you are horrible at remembering number sequences like me. It much easier for you to remember that I’m wearing “Poppy blended over Mandarin with Buttercup in the inner corner,” than it is to remember that I’m wearing 744 blended into 722 with a little 400 at the inner corner.” Take notes Inglot. Read the rest of this entry »

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2015’s Cutest Brush: Smoky Poppy Blush Brush by The Body Shop Review & Pictures

This was one of those ohmygodscuteiwants impulse buys. No regrets. It is limited edition so I figured, what the hell, why not. Now or never. Or marked up triple in price on ebay. The Body’s Shop’s 2015 limited edition set of smell goods is in a scent called Smoky Poppy. It’s diabolical how their marketing team took advantage of this pretty theme and created a brush, despite the fact that there is no “Smoky Poppy” makeup. A smoky poppy themed eye palette would have been interesting.
It caught my eye first because it’s a glorious crimson with a starkly contrasting black core. Upon closer inspection, i realized it vaguely resembled a flower. Upon tactile inspection, i realized it was oh-so-very soft. Game over. It came home with me. This review of my impromptu purchase is the result of my thing to justify why i bought it provide information for people.

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