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On Studying for a Neuroscience Final

“This is fun! Because now your brain can freak out about itself!”

 – P. Harding, 2017


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Profanity is the Best Punctuation

Checked into Disneyland Hotel (and Disneyland of course) for three days and two nights for some much needed therapy this weekend. The hilarious part is this was planned months ago around an anniversary… not after election week.

I went on the Tower of Terror for the first time (amid rumors that it is closing down for good soon) despite having gone to Disneyland at least once every year for the last 7 years. Map? who needs a map? Not me. All the new construction they are doing is going to change that though.

Anyways, the Tower cast member/ride attendant gave his usual in-character spiel before sending us off on our merry (spooky?) way saying, “Please tug on yellow tag, blah blah blah. Just so you know ladies and gentleman we are expiriencing some rolling balckouts tonight so all of you might not make it back. Please enjoy.”

I saw the slightest hint of a half smirk on his face as he slipped behind the wall to close the doors. It registered as a bit odd, that self satisfied smirk, but I didn’t dwell on it. We thought that last bit of speech was just him being in character

A few seconds into the ride though, we realized how very, very wrong we were.

The usual audio narration was running, but the projection movie was not. After the narration finished, nothing happened for what seemed like forever. It was less than 10 seconds, but more than 5. But those handful of seconds seem indefinitely long when you’re left hanging in space and wrapped in the kind of pitch darkness where you can’t even seen your hands in front of your face. Add in the adrenaline from anticipation, ride attendant’s parting words, and you have the perfect recipe for crippling anxiety.

So we just hung in limbo marinating in absolute silence and darkness for a few heartbeats until out of the darkness, one perfect word bloomed from a woman in the back, punctuating the moment and summarizing the collective thought.


The silence was broken by the whole cabin bursting out into hysterical laughter which almost immediately turned into screams of actual terror as the ride decided to resume, finally, and dropped us a couple stories.

At the end of the ride, the cabin immediately bubbled over with laughter and conversation about what we had just been through. This was obviously what the cast member had been expecting because he opened the doors and greeted us with a shit eating grin. Are we allowed to high five the Disney staff? because he deserved one.


The second funny incident was the caused by my boyfriend. He let out a HUGE sneeze; the concussively loud kind that feels like it compresses your chest from the sheer force of the sound wave slamming into you.

I’m used to it by now but from across the gift shop a shell shocked young guy muttered, “Damn.” and was staring wide eyed, deer-in-the-headlights style. Poor guy couldn’t help himself.

I started cracking up which caused him to sheepishly turn away. When asked by bf why I was practically in stitches, I told him and he started laughing too. I’m pretty sure I saw  the guy across the store grinned a little, no longer feeling so bad.


Needless to say, this was one of my more memorable Disneyland trips.

Due to a little mix up at the hotel, my party was granted three sets of open ended fast passes. We used a set of them on the Tower of Terror to bypass the 3.5 hour wait which was when the first story happened. WORTH IT. In retrospect, they had probably started dismantling non essential parts of the ride like the video projectors.

We used another set to finally get on the Cars ride (Radiator Spin Racers) since the fast passes ran out within the first hour of the park opening and the line was, and always is, multiple hours long. We used the last one to bypass the always ridiculously long Small World line.

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Gotta Love Mobile Google Chrome

This is a cute little something that probably amused me more than it should have but I felt like it was worth sharing. It’s known that the people at Google have a sense of humor – between all the Google Doodles and other cute stuff they program into the search bar for the shits and giggles. Zerg rush anyone? I never expected the following though: image Yeah….  I got a little carried away with reading on my phone and the next thing I knew, I had 99 tabs.  I opened up one more to search something and noticed my tab count had changed.

Quite frankly, I’m a little scared of myself.

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No good deed goes unpunished

This is so bad and so sad that it’s funny.

The Vermont Political Observer.

You try to do something nice…

Last spring, Senate Minority Leader Joe Benning got a letter from an eighth-grader at The Riverside School in Lyndonville. She was studying Latin, and wanted Senator Joe to introduce a bill to give Vermont a Latin motto. We’ve got “Freedom and Unity,” but no Latin.

As the idea developed, those involved came up with a motto: Stella quarta decima fulgeat. The translation: “May the Fourteenth Star Shine Bright,” is a nod to Vermont’s status as the fourteenth state to join the union. Nice. Poetic in both languages. Benning brought the student to Montpelier and introduced her to the Government Operations Committee, which would consider her proposal.

*Also possible endorsement deal with the new 14th Star Brewery in St. Albans?

It was too late in last year’s session to launch the idea, but Benning introduced it this month. Senate Bill 2 would not affect “Freedom and…

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Burning a Teacher with Ramen

So this happened during one of my classes:
Warning, don’t attempt this unless your teacher is cool and you know you an get away with it.

Student:*eating cup noodles and slurping noisily*
Teacher: Okay, I said that you guys could eat in class but that’s taking it a bit far.
Student: But slurping loudly is the proper way to enjoy noodles!
Teacher: You can’t enjoy cup noodles.
Student: Well someone’s never been a college student.
Class: Ooo! Buuurrrnn!
Teacher: Okay fine, you win this time.

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Splat Goes the Goat – Dragon Age Inquisition Cut Scene Schenanigans

It’s one of those things that gets funnier the more times you watch it. It’s also funnier watching it with other people because your giggles will feed off their giggles.


I also couldn’t help but think the following during this frame:

This is why you don't go paintballing at Camp Pendleton.

This is why you don’t go paintballing at Camp Pendleton.

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The Iron Bull Has… Boobs?

So I’ve been playing Dragon Age Inquisition and there’s this one character called “Iron Bull” that has really wonky proportions: long arms, tiny head, no neck and… pecs that are bigger than his said head.


I couldn’t help but snap a pic and do some really quick (and rough) editing.

Am I immature? Yes.  Am I done laughing over this? Not quite yet. I don’t think I can take this character seriously ever again. I mean come on, those are probably triple-D’s.

The edit was inspired by those videos/tutorials of how to fake boobs for men in drag.

In card you have nothing else to occupy your time, here is an example.

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