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Wanna Know How To Improve Your Tuna Salad?

So my sister made some tuna salad dinner. Here’s the conversation that went down at the dinner table:

Sis: How is it how is it howizzit?
Me: Pretty good, but needs some more acid.
Sis: Here, I’ll throw up what I already ate.
Me: Are you saying that your cooking is literally so bad that even vomit would make it taste better?


It doesn’t help that tuna salad is already a kinda chunky-looking, nondescript, beige mush. I was thinking lemon juice when I said add some acid but her mind jumped straight to stomach acid.  I think someone was AP Bio-ing too hard.

But really, if what you make tastes like it’s missing a little something-something try a tiny amount of an acidic component, or throw some more salt in there.

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Posted by on June 1, 2017 in Short Humor


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Pick Up Line for Females ft. Chicken

One of my male friends said the following while we were randomly talking:

“Man, I wish i was a girl… I would be so good at seducing people. I don’t know why girls say it’s so hard to ask guys out or pick up guys. If I was a girl i would grab a bucket of chicken then walk up to someone and go, “So do you want my breasts or thighs?” ;D

Why not both?

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Posted by on December 9, 2014 in Short Humor


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