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Long Lasting (No Primer, No Setting Spray) “No Make Up” Make Up with a Surprise

*Going to an event with a lot of crickety, conservative people like them*

Mom and Dad: Don’t embarrass us by wearing too much makeup!

Me: Minimal makeup. Got it.


The Product Spread. For a full list and routine details, see the end of this post.

M & D: !!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID WE #$%@&%$ SAY?!

Me: Relax. It’s going to look like a whole lotta nothing.

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Smashbox Photo Finish 24 Hour Shadow Primer Review + Test

What This Is About
This is a review and test of Smashbox’s Photo Finish 24 Hour Shadow Primer. Because you are reading this I think it’s safe to assume that you know that a lot of cosmetics companies make claims about “extended wear” or “long wear” and promise performance along the lines of, “this will make your makeup stick like gum-in-hair until you want to take it off.” I will be testing the Smashbox primer for 24 hours and reviewing how it performs with various eyeshadows. I finally got off my lazy butt to write about this product now because I’m getting ready to re-purchase it. I don’t sing from the rooftops about this product but it is the best I’ve tried so far. I only write about stuff within a month if i love it and think that the world must know about it as soon as possible.That being said,  if something is good enough for a repurchase, it deserves a thorough review.

This post  also contains bits of frustrated venting and a mini lesson about product preservation.

At the very end, I will however be comparing this primer’s performance against the performance of two others – Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Sin – and bareMineral’s Prime Time Eyelid Primer. Since taking organic chemistry, I have been reading ingredients lists more closely and realizing, “oh hey! I can draw the chemical structures for more than half of the shit on here!” or “!!! I know what chemical properties this has and what it might be doing in this product” …. I have no life. Will i be going through all of the ingredients? Oh hells no. I”m not THAT bored. Anyhow for those of you who don’t give a crap about ingredient lists (though you really should) the actual review starts now.

First Look
My box is a little beat up because it was rolling around and getting squished in my bag all day before i finally got to photographing it.

Ingredients, Front, Claims

Ingredients, Front, Claims

The whole tube is a little over 4 inches long and relatively simplistic silvery grey with printed black text. The plastic cap is nice and solid. It makes a satisfying clicks and clacks when i knock it against hard surfaces. I thought the cap was ceramic at first because it felt cool on my fingertips whenever i picked it up and sounded like a ceramic bead when bounced on my table top. However, when i bit it to check, my incisors left dents in the cap. First lesson learned: don’t bite the packaging. Read the rest of this entry »

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Smashbox Be Legendary Lipsticks in Bing & Cherry Copper Review and Swatches

What Is This About
This is about two lipsticks from Smashbox’s Fall 2014 “Cherry Smoke” Collection: “Bing” and “Cherry Copper”.
Smashbox describes the lipsticks as stated below:

  • Cherry Copper (creamy pinky nude with copper pearl)
  • Bing (classic red matte)

The lipsticks retailed for $21 originally. However, I was poking around at the Nordstrom Rack last weekend and picked up both colors for $10.97 each so they’re probably going fast.

I have a love/hate relationship with limited edition collections/sets. I hate them because after they’re gone, they’re (usually) gone forever or for a couple years until they are re-promoted/quietly added to the permanent line. I love them because when the current season is up, the leftovers get discounted into a reasonable price range.

**EDIT Dec 2015: Bing was added to the perm. matte lipstick line (here) for $20.

First Look
Like the permanent line lipsticks, these come encase in the signature heavy black ceramic-feeling case. I still have no idea what the material actually is but it feels substantial and very nice (read: high end). What’s special about these limited edition casings is that there are two adjacent sides decorated with Pollock-esque paint splatters in a reflective silver.

Decorate sides and plain sides.

Decorate sides and plain sides.



As always, ignore the color strip on the box because it is TOTALLY wrong. These are the lipsticks bullets in what i tried to represent as the truest to color irl.


Left: Copper Cherry. Right: Bing

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Smashbox On the Rocks Be Legendary Lipstick Trio Review and Swatches (Holiday 2014)

What This is About
This is a review on Smashbox’s set of three mini lipsticks for the 2014 Holiday On the Rocks Collection. All three colors (Fig, Primrose & Legendary) are from the permanent line unlike the lip gloss set which has two limited edition colors.

Before we begin let me be clear. I did not purchase this set to review and keep. I already have all 3 colors in full size (Legendary, Primrose and Fig) and I really like them all so I purchased this set to give a friend in return for a favor. The color swatches will be from my own, full-sized lipsticks. However, I sneakily dissected this set so that i could snap photos of the minis for the review. I’m sorry, friend! I’ll put it back together nicely! I even wiped off the fingerprints.
If she doesn’t chance across this site, she probably won’t even know about the intrusion. Hopefully.

Anyhow the reason I’m writing this review is because I think that it is a great starter-/ trial-/intro-kit to Smashbox’s Be Legendary line of lipsticks. The colors picked are also very well-coordinated and (in my opinion) wearable colors. These are lipsticks that will get a lot of mileage and love.

Plus they’re mini sized! They’re cute! They’re ultra-portable and toss-into-my-bag-to-go-able. What’s not to love? In a perfect world, all lipsticks would come in a mini size but alas they can only be obtained as samples or sets.
I have a slight collector’s craze of mini things. The weight of all my mini perfume bottles threatens to make the shelf they sit on cave in.

 First Look
This box doesn’t have a window cut out…

Front of the box.

Front of the box. The colors are completely off.

Back: claims, mass, ingredients

Back: mass & ingredients

… probably because the packaging inside is boring and looks like this:

The rainbows~

The rainbows~

The casing is a square with rounded edges and printed with the Smashbox name in the beautiful holographic lettering found on everything “On the Rocks” related. The case is made of dense black plastic that clacks like ceramic when knocked against a hard surface. They have a definite heft to them and seem pretty sturdy. I don’t know how good they are at preventing the product inside from melting on hot days though.

Names printed on the bottom.

Names printed on the bottom.

First things first: You might be taken aback by the size. They are small. They are the size of deluxe sample lipsticks so the stick of product looks super fragile. I definitely would be careful with twisting these up and applying them on a warm day.

Size in context of my favorite pen.

Size in context of my favorite pen.

You get 3 colors, as i already previously mentioned. In essence, you are getting a classic cool-red, a neutral dusky-pink, and a burgundy-purple that is both neutral and dramatic (depending on your skin tone). All of them are creamy without being too soft and glide on like lip balms, but without as much slip. They aren’t moisturizing but they do have shiny, almost glossy finishes.

Legendary, Primrose, Fig

Legendary, Primrose, Fig

Showing off the lustre finish.

Showing off the lustre finish.

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Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray vs. Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray

Make up is expensive. Make up is fickle. Makeup is tragic, when its melting off your face. However there are a variety of  “finishing” or “setting” sprays that are meant to be used the last step of your makeup routine to ensure that your face doesn’t go the way of Chernobyl by the end of a long day/night.
Almost every cosmetics company offers at least one and most of then claim that their spray will lock down makeup, preserve it some way and extend its wear time.

What’s This About
Two of the most well known are Urban Decay’s “All-Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray” and Skininavia’s “Makeup Finishing Spray” (original version). They don’t exactly make your make up bulletproof in the way that “fixing” sprays do but they do help your makeup withstand the shit that daily-life throws at you. Well, not literally shit  but you get the point. Both are designed to help your makeup last longer, keep it in place and on your face.

This comprehensive review and comparison of the two contending sprays will hopefully help some people decide whether  they should get one or both of the finishing spray and provide more information by a direct comparison of both.

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