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A Shower Thought About that Supreme Court Ruling

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How to Choose the Best Makeup for You – Shade, Product Selection, and Application Guide (Parody)

What This Is About
Making up is an excellent way to enhance your beauty but the cosmetics world is a very chaotic – and expensive – rabbit hole to fall into. There’s an overwhelming number of products to trial. If you’re confused about how to pick the best colors and shades for your skintone, you’re not alone. Not anymore. This guide will be your best friend through your makeup shopping journey. It will simplify and streamline the process so you don’t waste wads of hard earned money trying out  more colors than a LCD screen can display.

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BREAKING NEWS: Three students killed at North Carolina campus.

Police arrest suspect after three Americans are shot to death at University of North Carolina campus.

Where’s The Media Circus For This?

Wait, you didn’t know that this happened? Oh right, this story DIDN’T make breaking news like most gun related homicide cases. Though you might not recognize this story because I changed the title and the description  bit. Here’s the true title and description line but i still doubt that everyone has heard of this story already:

Three Muslim students killed at North Carolina campus
Police arrest suspect after three Muslim Americans are shot to death at University of North Carolina campus.

Ah, suddenly stuff starts making sense. Wait, what, no it doesn’t. Do the deaths on one group of people take precedence over that of another? The logical answer is “no” but the answer seems to be “yes”. What the fuck?! Are you saying that this story didn’t blow up in the media because the victims were identified as Muslims? Yup.

Can you think of another reason for why this story get the full attention of the nation via media?

Three American students have been shot to death at a residential complex of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a suspect has been arrested over the incident, according to local police.

Chapel Hill police told local news outlets that Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, was arrested and charged with killing the three Muslim students…

“We understand the concerns about the possibility that this was hate-motivated and we will exhaust every lead to determine if that is the case,” the statement said quoting Police Chief Chris Blue.

Hicks turned himself in after the shooting on Tuesday in Chapel Hill, just outside the campus of the University of North Carolina, AFP news agency reported.

Police officers responded to a report of shooting at around 5:15pm on Tuesday, and found three people who were pronounced dead at the scene.

The police website released a statement confirming the three deaths and saying the department is “questioning a person of interest in the crime and has reason to believe that there is no ongoing threat to the public”.

Here’s the link to the full article. There’s also a hashtag for it #ChapelHillShooting.

This eerily reminds me of the olden times before electricity and internet, people who weren’t Christian weren’t given proper burials, rites or paid respects. No one is asking the media to conduct burials or ceremonies, but they should pay their respects by covering the story regardless of the victim’s background.

We’re living the in the fucking 21st century now but nothing seems to have changed. Idealistically, we should be progressive motherfuckers compared to the society of generations ago. The world has shrunk by a lot but our hearts have not adapted. They still have not expanded to be able to tolerate, nevermind love, others with different backgrounds.


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Spoolies, Let’s Talk

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a spoolie brush.
Now put them down because you ought to be ashamed of yourself

Now ask yourself what a spoolie is. I’ll give you a minute.

Got the answer?

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Korrasami is Canon: +1 For the Minorities

This is a repost of Bryan Konietzko’s (co-creator of The Legend of Korra) original Tumblr post addressing the ending of the Legend of Korra. However, i do not have a tumblr so i cannot just re-post/re-blog/re-whatever system they use. But i want to spread it to more people across more platforms because in my opinion, it is important that as many people see this as possible. Not everyone is a Tumblr user.

A little excerpt from the beginning:

Korrasami is canon.

You can celebrate it, embrace it, accept it, get over it, or whatever you feel the need to do, but there is no denying it. That is the official story. We received some wonderful press in the wake of the series finale at the end of last week, and just about every piece I read got it right: Korra and Asami fell in love. Were they friends? Yes, and they still are, but they also grew to have romantic feelings for each other.

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Injustice is Synonymous with Madness – a Little Rant Relating to the Ferguson Fallout

In case you are one of those despicable people who don’t read the title, this is about the fallout, not the decision itself. It’s a social commentary, not a justice one. That being said let me repeat, THIS IS ABOUT THE FALLOUT (aka the in excusable bullshit that happened afterward)

The world – bring reported by the media – has gone mad. Property has been looted, stolen and trashed in every way thinkable except flooding. Jobs have been lost. People may have died. Man-hours have wasted away.

Let me amend that first statement: a small fraction of a fraction of the population overall has gone mad but their  hormone fueled idiocy is impacting innocents as well as the people unfortunate enough to be related to them.

Not every single black person is out looting in the streets. Even knowing that, the actions of those rioters give the black community a bad image… which could you know.. brew more hate and unrest. It also generates negativity that spills over into things not justice related.

Like wise, not every UCSD/college student is an idiot. Don”t lump the rest of us in with THEM.

Long story short:
This morning, a bunch of students were protesting the Ferguson Decision by ……. blocking the  Interstate-5., a MAJOR HIGHWAY that runs through several essential districts in San Diego.

Here’s the news article. Watch the video. There’s little wonder why teens and liberal college students have a bad rep.

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“Nude” Lips

I thing we can all agree that foundation-lips are not an attractive look. for anyone. period.

Ples no.

However, someone decided to take the foundation lips a step further and paint over the whole of the lips. Actually, the cosmetics industry decided they needed to jump on this opportunity and release tubes upon tubes of flesh colored castor oil and wax. I’m not talking about the pinky-nudes that are my-lipcolor-but-better colored. I’m talking about the skintone ones. Nude lipsticks exist in a ridiculously expansive range of shades. So expansive in fact, that it is easier for me to find a tube of lipstick that matches my skin color & tone, than it is for me to find a good foundation that does. I thought the point of lipcolor was to  add color, not subtract it. Most people use it to impart a “just bitten/snogged/iamaroused” look to appear more attractive. I never got the memo saying, “hey, its beautiful to be bloodless and sickly now.”

My opinions from left to right: Someone has been blood-letting. So ashen. She probably donated two pints of blood. No… just… no.

Someone needs to explain to me why people would want to look like all the blood was sucked out of them by the sparkling, vampire  of teenage-girls’ dreams. To those wearing nude lips: you look like a walking corpse.  Hell, bodies prepared for funeral viewings have more color. In addition to the embalming liquid that causes tissues to take on a rosy tint, the corpses are also artfully painted makeup (foundation, blusher, lipstick, and the works) to give them a lifelike appearance.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but skintone-nude lips are something you will never catch me wearing.

Thoughts? Comments? Critiques? Let me hear them.


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