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Top 5 Brushes Over Time – Installment 1

First Installment – June 2015 – This Is going to be a running series that i will update periodically. It’ll be interesting to see which brushes can withstand the expansion of my collection and remain in favor as i amass and learn more. Each category names 5 brushes, gives information like notes + material, and the reason that brush deserves its spot. Think of it as a mini review that doesn’t take price into consideration. If i have written a full blown review on a brush, it will be linked in the brush name. Brushes are listed in no particular order for each category and may appear more than once (re-apperances alone might tell you how much i adore a certain brush). This post is littered with fragments to cut down on length so it’s a less than ideal read for Grammar Nazis.

Grab the coffee. Grab the munchies. Here we go.

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Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray vs. Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray

Make up is expensive. Make up is fickle. Makeup is tragic, when its melting off your face. However there are a variety of  “finishing” or “setting” sprays that are meant to be used the last step of your makeup routine to ensure that your face doesn’t go the way of Chernobyl by the end of a long day/night.
Almost every cosmetics company offers at least one and most of then claim that their spray will lock down makeup, preserve it some way and extend its wear time.

What’s This About
Two of the most well known are Urban Decay’s “All-Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray” and Skininavia’s “Makeup Finishing Spray” (original version). They don’t exactly make your make up bulletproof in the way that “fixing” sprays do but they do help your makeup withstand the shit that daily-life throws at you. Well, not literally shit  but you get the point. Both are designed to help your makeup last longer, keep it in place and on your face.

This comprehensive review and comparison of the two contending sprays will hopefully help some people decide whether  they should get one or both of the finishing spray and provide more information by a direct comparison of both.

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