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Spotted at Costco: Jumbo Bottle of SK-II First Treatment Essence

Found in the Costco between Barranca and Alton in the South of Irvine, California. This same sized bottle is $290 at Sephora so you save 35% on this.


I’m seriously considering finding people to split it with then going back to get it.

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Skin Chronicles Entry 1: After 7 Months of Using Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence

I debated for a while before posting this. The pictures after the jump might be gross for some people. So you have been warned. The picture can be opened in another tab if you really want to see the full grossness in more detail.

The before and after shots were both taken during “breakout weeks” when my skin was behaving relatively badly. The first row is from before i started using Missha’s First Treatment Essence. The second row is after many months of continuous daily use of the Missha FTE.  The FTE was the only item that i added to my skin care routine in the 7 month run so I know that the change was a direct effect of the FTE’s addition.

I’m nearing the last drops of my first bottle and repurchased it during a 40% sale on the Missha website. I also purchased the Night Activator Ampoule and Super Aqua Enzyme Peeling Softener which I will start using.

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