Skin Chronicles Entry 1: After 7 Months of Using Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence

25 Nov

I debated for a while before posting this. The pictures after the jump might be gross for some people. So you have been warned. The picture can be opened in another tab if you really want to see the full grossness in more detail.

The before and after shots were both taken during “breakout weeks” when my skin was behaving relatively badly. The first row is from before i started using Missha’s First Treatment Essence. The second row is after many months of continuous daily use of the Missha FTE.  The FTE was the only item that i added to my skin care routine in the 7 month run so I know that the change was a direct effect of the FTE’s addition.

I’m nearing the last drops of my first bottle and repurchased it during a 40% sale on the Missha website. I also purchased the Night Activator Ampoule and Super Aqua Enzyme Peeling Softener which I will start using.

skin april 10 and nov 25

The top row is my skin back in April during a “bad week” when i was breaking out, though honestly, every week was a bad week. Some were just a handful-of-blemishes-worse than others.  Bad doesn’t even begin to cover it. Try “Plague in Hell week”. This had been going on for years.

“How were people able to look at me without turning away in disgust? ” was the first thought i had when i pulled up my before pictures.

These were taken on April 10, 2015

The second row is from a recent bad week.  I just had a round of presentations and a few nights of less than  ideal sleep which result in eye-bags and a breakout of blemishes bigger than in past weeks/months.

These were taken Nov 23, 2015

The second row is also going to act as my control shots for my Missha NRA + EPS before and after comparison. I bought these two products hoping to boost my skin to the next level.

I hated my skin before for looking a Pollock painting. Scratch that, Pollock probably would have thrown up looking at my face. I’m still not completely happy with the current state of my skin, but when i look at how it was before, i suddenly feel giddy with joy and quite satisfied with the progress that has been made. The improvement hasn’t been just a world of difference, it’s been a fucking solar system.

Everything is relative, except absolute zero. Happiness is relative. I am happy now. Lets see if my next entry will be happier. I’m hoping the NRA and EPS will work and improve my skin, for my skin and my wallet’s sake.

**Feb 2016: it is with great regret to report that the Missha FTE has been reformulated without a key brightening ingredient, licorice extract. Most reports from around the internet report that the reformulation, named “FTE Intensive” does not perform as well as the og liquid. The price of FTE is rather high (when not on sale, its $49) and for less effectiveness? No thanks. I have since moved onto a new skincare regimen comprised of mostly CosRx products. I will have a detailed report on their products by the end of this year (2016) hopefully XD.

**Dec 2016 FFFFFSSSSS. My skincare got derailed by one product that i added. Skin is breaking out in Cysts EVERYWHERE. It’s infuriating because i was LOVING how my skin looked. I got greedy and wanted to turbo boost it with a product that a lot of people consider to be a holy grail. Instead of patch testing, i put it over my whole face. Back to Square one… time to recover.

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